Arron Dean.


A collection of songs, drenched in the humidity of New Orleans, the heat of Arizona and the inherent nostalgia of travel, Arron Dean seeks to capture the longing one feels when far from home. Slow, steady, gentle and calm, Apothecary is a heartfelt expression of both love and loss.

This album pulls away from Arron's last effort, MPLS with a greater emphasis on horns - a clear nod to his Jazz background.

You can find Arron Dean's Apothecary here. Coming soon to iTunes.

About Arron Dean

A farm boy from Gauteng, South Africa, Arron Dean originally came to the US to play Jazz in NYC. After touring the Midwest with punk bands and playing country music in Nashville, Arron Dean spent some time in New Orleans.

Inspired by the jazz-drenched music of New Orleans, Arron recorded an EP at Fudge Recording Studios with musicians he met playing the famous clubs around the French Quarter.

Arron Dean now lives in Honolulu, HI, surfs and is working in new music daily.


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